Welcome to www.predasmoke.com. Perhaps you have struggled in the past to quit smoking, and have tried different methods including various e-liquids, all to no avail.

You are not alone. As creators and operators of this website, we have also have gone through the same struggles and have put up this website to address your need. After struggling unsuccessfully to quit for a long time, we decided to create our own e-liquid, and the taste was so compelling that it immediately helped us to quit smoking.

We are here to share our success with you, and encourage you on your own journey, as you take “One Step Closer to Smoke Free Lifestyle” today.


Our mission

We are driven to provide the most organic flavoured e-liquid available, to help smokers get one step closer to a smoke free lifestyle. We are working towards becoming a world-acknowledged leader in the e-liquid industry.

Our goals

At Predasmoke, our first goal is to help people to stop smoking. To do this, we provide alternative smoking solutions with most organic flavourings. These e-liquids are especially formulated to prevent the craving for cigarettes. While following stringent standards for quality, we have made these e-liquids to be affordable and help smokers break free of their addictions.


Our wider goals

We are not driven solely by profit at Predasmoke, but by a more noble purpose. We are so passionate about helping people to stop smoking that we are currently working towards raising enough funds to provide free e-cigarette for people who can’t afford them and desire to stop smoking.


Our processes

We are proud of our products and the manufacturing process they undergo. We follow strict procedures, policies, and strategies to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We put our heads down and get to work, giving our e-liquids the hard work and attention to detail that they require.

We always make sure to test the nicotine concentration of every new e-liquid formula to ensure that it will achieve what it is designed to.

We will never cut or attempt to cut corners in our production process, because we want to make sure that you receive the best and most organic e-liquid every time you choose a Predasmoke e-liquid.


Our flavours

We provide our e-liquids in different  flavours such as HONEY, FRUIT, ICE CREAM, cigars, brandy,  peach, coffee  etc.


Your choice

Are you ready to take that step towards a smoke-free life? We are here to help you, and welcome you aboard this next amazing phase of your life’s journey.